Terravention vs Airspade Excavation..

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Revitalisation or total restructuring?

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Please, for the sake of trees, use your common sense…

We wish for those who have published documentation derived apparently from investigatory exercises, to consider the content of their publication.

We have thoroughly reviewed many publications and found some particularly destructive documents created by eminent individuals in the tree and plant health care industry. That is destructive to trees and our greater ecological environment!

To Potential Customers of Soil Aeration Services

We are a group of people that have been customers of many of the companies offering remedies to soil compaction problems, including Terravention, for many years.

As responsible individuals with care of our trees at heart, we wish to share information, collected over many many years of experience as customers, beneficial to you as a customer, to ensure the ongoing health of the trees that you have a responsibility for.

To Manufacturers and Suppliers of Equipment & Services

We also invite the manufactures and providers of soil aeration and decompaction services to comment, to provide accurate information to  support statements made when tendering for contracts. We are extremely interested in supportive data generated from independent sources, such as universities and established institutions that validate the information you supply to your customer when tendering.

To Students, our future advisers

If you are a student intending to become a mover and shaper in the the tree care industry, we would like you to look carefully for particular published documentation that is essentially flawed. From a lay point of view, there is a very particular example, commonly viewed and cited that is entirely misleading, invalid in content and remains unchallenged. It is our intention to disclose the author and the document in due course but would like to identify our up and coming lateral thinkers, those who do not fear challenging the comfortably appointed in this industry.

Some hints, a little cryptic, for investigation;

  • What affect does sunlight have on subsurface microbial soil constituents?
  • What happens if you ignore strict instructions?
  • Which practice ignores a very specific equipment manufacturer’s safety warning in its use?
  • You are provided with an answer which is ten, you are give the numbers eleven and fifteen to prove ten, how do you design your experiment?
  • To achieve the best possible solution to a problem, where do you start?
  • Motivation?
  • Occlusion of laceration?

Before proceeding with application of service

We urge you all to consider very carefully before proceeding, what each service involves, how it is implemented. Then apply a little logic in examining the elements that are of concern, Ask questions regarding your concerns and ask for independent supportive documentation to substantiate the answers given.

Food for thought

The inventor of the Air Spade developed a fantastic tool for a very particular purpose, there is no question that this tool used in the field for which it was intended is unquestionably the most efficient. Terravent’s inventor also developed a fantastic tool to suit a particular purpose, and used correctly is also unquestionably the most efficient., Terralift has its place, along with the Growgun, Robbin Dagger and the garden fork.

Both inventors would certainly have considered many factors in the development phase to ensure the best possible results may be achieved with their creations. Both tools were designed for entirely different purposes and work in entirely different ways for very good reasons!

What is crucial to bare in mind is the intended purpose for which each tool was designed: The Air Spade was designed for cleaning, moving unwanted, compacted debris quickly and efficiently: Terravent was designed to de-compact soil, specifically to engender the activation of a dormant Mychorrizal presence and reestablishment of a beneficial microbial population, to assist the health of trees and plants. Each inventors considerations in development were entirely different to the other, this is what really matters.

Consider for one moment, you are trapped in a room three quarters full of debris, including fine soil particles, sand, larger pieces of stone, flint, rock, slabs of concrete and pieces of timber of all sizes. Then in an instant, everything in the room is moving at speeds, 10’s of times faster than the wind speed of a hurricane. Even after a second of exposure of being in collision with your immediate environment, what sort of physical condition do you imagine you would be in?

We have seen no study, from a reliable, unbiased, independent source, that has researched the immediate and long term effect of what happens to the woodier roots and what this ultimately means to a tree as it becomes larger. It is obvious that the finer constituents in the soil will be impacted in many ways, non of which can be regarded or guaranteed as beneficial. Lets have a very good look now, at what is going on when the Airspade is used in the root zones of plants and trees, before any more treatments are carried out!

Do you think that there is such a document, for a lay person to understand, if so we would like to present it here.. Be sure to research the writer first, look at what has motivated the writer and look at other publications that the writer may have produced.

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